FUDCon India 2011 – Design Updates #1

So at last we are having a FUDCon in India after quite a long time, and that too in Pune! To top it all, its in College of Engineering Pune, (COEP as we call it) the place where I have spent my last two years learning about Linux, Embedded devices and a hell lot of things about the power of an Open Community (strangely, I am forgetting something…ah! my favourite course – How-To-Kill-Time 101) 🙂

I am releasing some preliminary graphics related to FUDCon India this year. I’m mainly doing posters, banners, logos, web graphics etc. They are not in their final avatar but more or less they are gonna be on the same lines. Tatica has promised me to help me on these once she reviews them with her designer’s  eye.

Thats the FUDCon India 2011 Logo – just a dash of henna, like a crown on FUDCon

Thats the poster in current form. The building is of COEP – the venue, about which I shall be sharing you lots of stuff in the coming weeks.