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Ask Fedora UX Redesign Updates #1

The recently concluded Fedora Design FAD 2015 at Red Hat’s Westford office turned out to be quite productive where my idea of redesigning AskFedora user interface gathered some momentum. I met so many faces I had just always known as IRC nicks and above of all, enjoyed Sirko complaining to everyone for not playing Champions of Regnum that well during the gaming nights we had 🙂

So coming down to the point, I was joined by Zack (sadin) and Sarup (banas) for the initial redesign efforts. With their suggestions, I completed some high-fidelity mockups for the mobile and desktop interface intended to be used for Ask Fedora. As suggested by Sarup, we started with Mobile mockups first to get a simplistic view of user requirements. It can then be “stretched” for a desktop interface later on. After some feedback from Sirko, Emily, Mairin, Marie et al. here is a first mockup slide.

home-mobileTo get a context of changes, you will have to visit the current AskFedora instance and observe the changes. Newer slides and the desktop views are on the way. Even though this takes time, its important to have an idea of how you want your interaction with the application to be and FAD gave me a change to do some mockups before we dive into code and CSS. Which reminds me, that Zack and I managed to setup an Openshift repo of an askbot instance one night and would be mostly using it for testing out our design. (I also learnt Openshift awesomeness that night). Most of real usable UI updates will be posted on this repo :

Your comments and suggestions are welcome. More updates on the way.


FUDCon Pune (India) 2011 – Design Updates #2

The previous designs have been reviewed, commented on and then redesigned too by the design community. So here are the fresh designs for your eyes :

The Poster

The Logo

There is some more stuff too I have in the closet, but I’m waiting for the Design team guys to give me some feedback on the following work so I can finalize it ASAP.

The banner to be put up on the venue entrances

A non-standard size web-banner

There’s a web-button too which can be put up on sidebars if required as on my blog here. Next and the most important task left is the T-Shirts. There are many suggestions and discussions going on for same on the Design List. I hope we are gonna freeze it soon too 🙂


FUDCon India 2011 – Design Updates #1

So at last we are having a FUDCon in India after quite a long time, and that too in Pune! To top it all, its in College of Engineering Pune, (COEP as we call it) the place where I have spent my last two years learning about Linux, Embedded devices and a hell lot of things about the power of an Open Community (strangely, I am forgetting something…ah! my favourite course – How-To-Kill-Time 101) 🙂

I am releasing some preliminary graphics related to FUDCon India this year. I’m mainly doing posters, banners, logos, web graphics etc. They are not in their final avatar but more or less they are gonna be on the same lines. Tatica has promised me to help me on these once she reviews them with her designer’s  eye.

Thats the FUDCon India 2011 Logo – just a dash of henna, like a crown on FUDCon

Thats the poster in current form. The building is of COEP – the venue, about which I shall be sharing you lots of stuff in the coming weeks.