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A little fun with Py and FaceBook

There are a lot of stupid games on FaceBook and gamers who wile away a considerable amount of time on those no-skill-required and mindless games. I came across one such game yesterday too. Its pretty basic. You just have to click. Thats all! Just be a dumb-ass and click on a blue facebook-styled ‘Start’ button as many times as you can in 10 seconds. It can’t get any lame than this. I gave it a shot and joined the legacy of those addicted gamers on FaceBook for a while. I scored 46 clicks in 10s. The score was so shy of the 64 one of my friend had and obviously it made me jealous. So I poked my mind and found in my repos a nice app, xdotool. This marked turning point in my FB life (Ok fine! 🙂 I’m just being dramatic) I wrote a script using my new love, Py :

#!/usr/bin/env python
import os
while n<200:
      os.system('xdotool click 1')

Thats  it! I cheated elegantly :)

Linux, Python

PyTen – The Stupid Daily Task Management App #1

I couldn’t have agreed more with the guy (or a girl for that matter) who said that Python has a steep learning curve. Its just been a week and I am out with a Gtk app too. Yeah, its pretty simple but still at least I needed something like that for myself. I’ve even deliberately given it a stupid name (PyTen – Python Task Evaluation) which resembles ‘Python’ 🙂 Maybe later when I really start understanding stuff a bit better, I may write a small tutorial too. Thanks to Kushal for plunging me in this addictive stuff. See PyTen for helping me out with the code and sending suggestions. There are a lot of problems with the app. Don’t forget to take a note of README or the Project Wiki to know exactly how to use this stuff.

The Main Window and Check-In Window

Main Window and Check-Out Window

Report Window

I don’t smoke by the way 😉

About Dialog

Pyten Icon in AWN dock

I use AWN so the app sits happily in the dock and keeps running throughout the day.