एक अमानवीय उत्पत्ति – भाग २

पेड़ की शाख़ से बिछड़ते पत्ते की तरह,
ये चंचल मन अब हो चुका था तरल,
ठंड में ओठों से निकलते धुंए में छिपे,
विचारों का अध्ययन जैसे होता है विरल

वह साथ अवश्य थी, लेकिन निगाहों में शंका लिए,
लब मेरे भी खुलते थे कभी, लेकिन आजकल कुछ कांपते हुए
वह साथ अवश्य थी, पर साथ अब वैसा था नहीं,
जैसे शब्द और कलम के होते भी, विचारों का शहर खो जय कहीं

घडी की सुई और तारीख़ के साथ,
उस प्रेम का वेग नहीं हुआ कुछ कम,
यादें वैसी की वैसी ही रहीं,
एक शांत से सैलाब में बहते रहे हम

मौसम गुज़रते रहे, साथ मेरे साथ ने पर छोड़ा नहीं,
उस पुराने प्रेम से जो हुआ था विफल,
यह नया प्रेम अब लगा, कुछ द्रड़ और सरल,
फिर एक पल अहसास हुआ, जिसकी तालाश थी शख्स सामने था वही

आँखों में मेरी, बदलता बदलाव बहा,
कुछ देर ख़ुशी और अश्कों का नृत्य भी चला,
उस भूले हुए स्पर्श का अहसास भी मिला,
उन नज़रों ने फिर मेरी तरफ देखा और कहा

“पेड़ की शाख़ से बिछड़ते पत्ते की तरह,
प्रेम नहीं है मेरा कमज़ोर,
हमेशा के लिए, विश्वास है मुझे,
बांधे रखेगी हमें एक अन्देखी डोर…”

Inspired by the girl who stayed on…. 🙂
Also inspired by those who strive to express their thoughts in their native tongue, but perish in the storm of the “Global Rat Race”

An Inhumane Genesis – Part 1

As her hand touched the misty pane,
And the airs tickled those nervous cheeks,
My imagination speaks of a thousand weeks,
That I’ve longed for her scent to remain

Let it twist and turn like a lawyer’s game
Or gently follow a wilting course
This story – told off a skeptic source
Loath me not, nor me you blame.

I saw her once, as her feet trampled the autumn leaves
I know well Gentlemen, the charm in men she weaves,
I know well too, her first kiss across the street,
No the boy wasn’t me, but surely my heart did beat.

It was the genesis of love, of hatred, of agony and jealousy,
Loved me, did she? – the notion nothing but a fallacy,

Even if someone’s mistress, still I’d fall for her,
I kept saying this to me, more often now, than ever,
I kept on getting visions, of her skin akin a wine,
I kept on sleeping those nights, shivering yet being fine.

She came then one fine day,
Whispered in a melancholy verse,
Longed for a love, (or was it lust?)
What was I meant to say?

The air was stale, and so I smelled were her ways,
It was humid too, a fog rolled in the staircase
I saw her through a window, smiled as a shining dime,
She smiled, but little she knew that I had seen her the last of time.

Had I been a man and told her right away,
The intimacy I felt for her, was never ever gonna sway.
But what of the girl who chose to stay beside,
She knew little that betrayal once lurked under this hide.

Then, the years passed, the emotions crept,
On demise of a love, they mournfully wept,
Thoughts stirred, and memories came,
They sparked now an old, untimely flame.

Adored her sill, oh I did for sure,
And maybe she adored me too,
Coz I remember the misty pane that day,
Those hands, those emotions I knew.

Inspired by the lady in Conan Doyle’s “Scandal In Bohemia” of the Sherlock Holmes series.


22, Forever

Every time I look in your eyes,
Those shining balls are one big surprise,
And I keep diving down, down in the sea,
Swimming in your ocean constantly,

Every time when I hold your hand,
Its something new I seem to understand,
Forever with you, I’m gonna stay,
Gonna be with you come what may…



Some days from now my words will get lost,
I so began pondering over,
For my lips will then be bit by frost,
In the dark grave I will sleep forever,

But those days are so long too far,
I have too much to say,
In nights I search for a dying star,
Close my eyes and pray,

Oh dear god I have a wish to make,
Please let me live till May,
For I love to smell the flowers of spring
And wish someone, a happy birthday!