• Chief Scientist, Privado (2022-)
  • Principal/Staff Scientist, Systems Engineering, ShiftLeft Inc. (2017-2022)
  • PhD, Computer Engineering (DORSAL, École Polytechnique de Montréal) (2013-2017)
  • Author, TheNewStack
  • Assistant Systems Engineer, TCS – Engineering & Industrial Services (2012)

Get Me @

  • Email : mail [at] suchakra [dot] in
  • Web : http://suchakra.in
  • Twitter Handle : @tuxology


Conference Talks

  • Joern: An Interactive Shell for Code Analysis, BlackHat Arsenal 2021, Virtual [link] [slides]
  • AppSec Fundamentals for Modern DevOps, USENIX LISA 2021, June 2021, Virtual [slides]
  • Tracing and visualizing file system internals with eBPF superpowers, Storage Developers Conference 2020 (SDC 2020), September 2020, Virtual
  • TraceLeft: A Configuration Driven eBPF Based Tracing Framework, All Systems Go, September 2018, Berlin [project] [slides] [video]
  • Now You See Me Too: Visual Tooling for Advanced System Analysis, USENIX LISA 2017, November 2017, San Francisco [link] [slides] [video]
  • Trace Aggregation and Collection with eBPF, DORSAL Progress Meeting, May 2017, Polytechnique Montréal [slides]
  • Low Level Tracing for Latency Analysis – From Baremetal to Hardware Tracing Blocks, Tracing Summit 2016 (Embedded LinuxCon), Berlin [slides]
  • LTTng’s trace filtering and beyond – A unified approach and eBPF’s role, Tracing Summit 2015 (LinuxCon), Seattle [slides]
  • Kernel and Userspace Tracing with LTTng and Friends, FUDCon Pune 2015 [video]
  • Qt on Android, GNUnify 2012, SICSR, Pune
  • Qt Application Development on Embedded Devices, Fedora Users and Developers Conference 2011, COEP, Pune
  • Fedora Design & Artwork – Join the Fedora Design Bandwagon, Fedora Users and Developers Conference 2011, COEP, Pune
  • Tux on A Box, Straight Through a Web-Browser, Fedora Miniconf, FOSS.in 2010, Bangalore

 Meetup Talks

  • Precursors of Security and Performance : Instrumentation and Tracing of Systems, Security and DevOps, August 2017, ShiftLeft HQ, Santa Clara [slides]
  • The BSD Packet Filter A New Architecture for User-level Packet Capture, Papers We Love Montreal, June 2017, Hopper Inc. [slides] [Julia’s Report]

Security Bugs

Research Publications

  • Hardware Trace Reconstruction of Runtime Compiled Code, Software: Practice and Experience, Wiley, Feb 2018
  • Fine-grained Nested Virtual Machine Performance Analysis Through First Level Hypervisor Tracing, Proc. International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud and Grid (CCGRID 2017), IEEE-ACM, May 2017
  • Enhanced Userspace and In-Kernel Trace Filtering for Production Systems, Journal of Computer Science and Technology, Springer, November 2016
  • Low Overhead Hardware-Assisted Virtual Machine Analysis and Profiling, Proc. Globecom Workshops, 2016, IEEE, November 2016
  • Hardware-Assisted Instruction Profiling and Latency Detection, Journal of Engineering, IET, August 2016
  • GNU/Linux Shell Access through a Web-Browser for an Embedded Linux E-Learning System, Proc. International Conference on Electronics Computer Technology, IEEE, April 2011
  • Low Cost Subcutaneous Vein Detection System using ARM9 Single Board Computer, Proc. International Conference on Electronics Computer Technology, IEEE, April 2011


  • Scalable user space dynamic tracing performance on multi-core systems, ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (SOSP), November 2013, PA

Magazine Articles


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