Chronicles of Slumberia

Yeah its been mostly a time of slumber – when you have been awake all the time and yet sleeping throughout. I am writing this post to document my academic, technological and a little bit of personal life from the last post onwards. I shall try to use images wherever possible to indicate what I had been doing all this time.

Nov-Dec 2011

I had joined a corporate and was being prepared as a soldier to fight the mighty business and IT wars. Joining literally could remind someone of the drafting phase in the military – specifically in numbers.

Jan-June 2012

The first few months in a corporate environment are a period of settling in. Before that, the only interaction I had with any firm was with a biomedical product firm in Mumbai for which I had worked as a consultant on Qt/Embedded project. The work there was challenging and was mostly directed on my terms. In a corporate environment and in a service based IT industry, I guess the scenario changes ten folds. The working hours changed, coffee intake started, evenings were mostly spent in the office and dinners were seldom. Though there were awesome Tex CROs and high-end debuggers lying around, this was no more the college lab. This was the real deal! The workplace was indeed nice and so were its inhabitants but the work was taking its toll at both my educational and intellectual development. I was no more experimenting with cool technologies. Though I became a Qt ambassador and Nokia gave me an N9 for a project I did during my Masters days, but this was all old stuff. I was lagging behind. When people were talking about HTML5 and Nexus protocols on embedded devices, when Meego ended its journey and Tizen was released, when Raspberry Pi was being launched and dual core Cortex A-9 chips were being discussed on mailing lists, when Fedora 17 launched as I just sat and watched the pictures of release parties all over the world, I had embraced myself in corporate shackles. I looked at the mailing lists silently. I saw what all action I was missing. I used to sit on weekends with Chaitannya, Nishchay, Shravan, Tanushri – good ol’ gang and used to discuss. That was all that was left. I told Tanushri one day about a simple image which represented my situation –

Thanks to the person who made this graphic!

Yeah..I was moving way deep in my comfort zone. A salary at the end of the month, a place to stay and some wheels to drive had made me think more about something which I had never thought about – money. I had always been told that its the relentless quest for knowledge that should be your holy grail and money follows automatically. But unfortunately, the holy grail had taken a back seat now and the issue of money had cropped up. I had to buy formal clothes for work. (never ever bought them before in my life) It required money. Fuel required money and so did the dinner at plush restaurants.

In college life, clothes were a 3 year old pair of jeans, a few T-shirts received from Fedora or Wikipedia, any pair of shoes lying around in the dorm – one size fits all 🙂 Transport was a 2 km walk from room to lab and dinner was college mess (monthly bill = cost of a single night’s dinner as of now). Stipend money was generously paid by college from which I could buy a Sony PSP and Guitar sometime. My mobile was a Nokia 1202 which literally cost me Rs 1202 only that time.

An Android one was later bought from the consultancy money I got before joining the firm and later on when Nokia showered blessings with an N9 I had a good cellphone. That was the life I wanted to live. Bare minimum on outside. Charging inside. Compared to the work I was doing in college, this phase seemed like an era of slumber. Bling-bling outside, bare minimum inside.

July 2012

In view of the above observations about the course my life was taking and in light of the recent developments about serious chances of my lifelong dream of doing a PhD and pursuing a career in research, teaching and freelancing, I quit my job.

What next?

I thank Tanushri and Nishchay for supporting my decision and in fact being the people whom I followed. Oh yeah! they quit before me and in the prime of the youth are surging ahead to conquer the technological landscape. Kudos to them! So as indicated before, I’m looking to a life full on turmoil and highs and lows, a life of action, where I have to travel to Lonavla in a Rs 13 local train and write blogs while being happily unemployed. I read Prisig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance in between which is enough to brainwash me for some more time.

I am engaged with a few tasks for now and am happy to take more freelancing work in the field of Embedded Linux/Qt, UI design etc. Feel free to ping me if you have some interesting tasks. Let the games begin!

10 thoughts on “Chronicles of Slumberia”

  1. you should pursue whatever you like…

    and as long as you are happy.. and others have no issue with that…nothing else matters…

    wish you all the luck… 🙂

    1. Thank you Ketan San! I hope no one is having any issues with that. The above writeup mostly indicates my incompatability and revolves around ‘me’ rather than the workplace – which indeed was teeming with bright minds like yours! It was an honour to work with you 🙂

      1. No issues Suchakra san.. thanks for nice and kind words…

        probably being in a comfort zone made you realize that you are missing all the magic.. so you know what happens when you move out of ‘magical area’

        as we always say.. “you may not learn what is to be done, but you will at least learn what is not to be done..” 😉

    1. The goal is indeed to make people ‘think’ but not leave thir jobs!! You can be out of your comfort zone even while being in the job. Look around. There are examples 🙂

  2. Wow !

    Glad to know u r at comfert zone. Why don’t u try to write a book an whatever u like. I think dat’ll help u to make ur magic n comfert zone same.

    C ya.

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