FUDCon India 2011 – Design Updates #1

So at last we are having a FUDCon in India after quite a long time, and that too in Pune! To top it all, its in College of Engineering Pune, (COEP as we call it) the place where I have spent my last two years learning about Linux, Embedded devices and a hell lot of things about the power of an Open Community (strangely, I am forgetting something…ah! my favourite course – How-To-Kill-Time 101) 🙂

I am releasing some preliminary graphics related to FUDCon India this year. I’m mainly doing posters, banners, logos, web graphics etc. They are not in their final avatar but more or less they are gonna be on the same lines. Tatica has promised me to help me on these once she reviews them with her designer’s  eye.

Thats the FUDCon India 2011 Logo – just a dash of henna, like a crown on FUDCon

Thats the poster in current form. The building is of COEP – the venue, about which I shall be sharing you lots of stuff in the coming weeks.


11 thoughts on “FUDCon India 2011 – Design Updates #1

  1. Nice design, don’t you think that is better to put Pune instead of India under “fudcon”, that’s how I saw it in previous fudcon logos because the city name is first.

    • Yeah, thats what I did originally but fedora-india list guys voted INDIA 🙂 So India it is! Anyways we can do this modification at the 11th hour too 🙂

    • Hmmm…true. 2 for ‘Pune, India’ and 1 for just ‘India’ I can change it if needed (I personally like to follow previous FUDCon’s tradition 🙂 and maybe thats mandatory too. I hope Máirín and tatica will shed some light on this)

  2. Hey, overall great work! Here is some critique with respect to the first design, the logo:

    1) The henna patterns are fabulous… traditionally we don’t add other elements within the clearspace of either the Fedora or FUDcon logo though. I think the better approach is what you did with the poster design–using the henna patterns as watermarks rather than a solid FUDcon logo element.

    2) It looks like you may have been provided an altered / incorrect FUDcon logo, because the coloration in the logo you have there is not correct. If you take a look at the wiki logo page, you’ll see that on a white background, the ‘fudcon’ text should be Fedora Blue (#3C6EB4 / C 100, M 46, Y 0, K 0 ), the four-bubble logomark should be Dark Fedora Blue (#294172 / C 100, M 57, Y 0, K 38), and the name of the location should be Dark Fedora Blue (#294172 / C 100, M 57, Y 0, K 38). In addition, the line separating ‘fudcon’ and the location should be a light grey hairline, and the dates should be in Fedora Blue (#3C6EB4 / C 100, M 46, Y 0, K 0 ).

    (You absolutely used the right font there though, the location and date should be in Comfortaa even though the one on the wiki is out-of-date.)

    We do have formal FUDcon logo guidelines under development and I apologize that they are not ready yet, but I created the original logo and I’m familiar with how we typically use it, so I hope this advice helps there. I am quite happy to provide you with SVG source for the logo that is definitely correct on these values, please let me know if you’d like that! Alternatively if you can provide me the source of your work in SVG format I can update the colors for you.

    Here is some critique for the poster:

    3) The URL should probably be a bit separated from the logo to give it some clearspace. Very good choice on, although i do worry with that font that it might be hard to distinguish between ‘l’ and ‘1’–maybe see if you can boost the cap on the ‘1’ so it’s a bit longer and easier to tell?

    4) When I squint and look at the poster, the #1 thing that I get from it, that sticks out the most and takes up the most real estate, is the design showing the building’s architecture. Typically if you’re designing a poster for an event, you really want the following things to stick out most:

    – The event name and topic is *most* important, so people who might be interested know to pay attention to the more specific and vital information (date / time / location) so ideally this will stick out most. If I’m interested in computers, linux, operating systems, technology: would I know this event might interest me looking at this poster? What kind of things are going to happen at this event that would make it appealing for me? Tutorials? Technology lectures? Hackfests? It might be good to call these out in the poster.

    – Next most important is for the person to know when the event is (dates and time) so they know whether or not they could go. The most specific time on this poster are the dates: 4-6 November, 2011. What time of day should I show up if I am interested?

    – Then it’s important the person should know where the event is. The most specific location on the poster now is ‘College of Engineering.’ I’m not familiar with the location, so I wonder is this specific enough for someone to know where to go, or would it make sense to add a building name and/or room number?

    – Finally it’s important to provide a place to get more information. You’ve got that, the URL–perfect. It might be good to give a hint at what is there, something like, “For more information, including a schedule of events, visit: http://blahblah

    5) The FUDcon logo needs quite a bit more clearspace there. You probably don’t want to place the Fedora logomark so close to the FUDcon logo mark; they are separate logos and should stand on their own. You could play with placing the Fedora logomark towards the bottom instead and leaving the FUDcon one on the top of the page. Same goes for the ‘2011’ logomark you’ve created. It is gorgeous, I love how you’ve integrated an attractive design into the ‘0’… just make sure you put more space between it and the ‘FUDcon’ logo.

    6) The quality of the building artwork vector seems maybe a bit questionable when it’s blown up that large? Might it be better to size it down a bit, or find a higher-resolution image for a vector trace? The thing is, it contrasts with the smooth clean lines of the henna pattern and the other designs on the page, so it looks a bit odd to my eye.

    7) Is ‘FEDORA USERS & DEVELOPERS CONFERENCE’ running up the right side of the page in Comfortaa? It looks like MgOpen Modata to me, but I’m not 100% sure. (It should be Comfortaa).

    Overall great work!

    • Your comments are valuable and just. Points which I have duly noted :

      1) I really liked the FUDCon Milan Logo (Don’t know if its made official or not ( and got inspired from it only. But if the guidelines are stringent, I would happily remove the ‘henna crown’.
      2) I intentionally made changes to colour. I didn’t know we had to follow colour guidelines too. I’d modify the colouration as you suggested for sure as well as provide you with the svg.
      3) The was mether’s idea though 🙂 I’ll make changes as suggested here too.
      4), 5) : These are indeed beneficial for me in any further designs too too. THe So we are looking for a major overhaul as I see.
      6) tatica has offered to help regarding building vector. The original image resolution was low actually. We”ll do something about it for sure.
      7) Its MgOpen Modata. Will change it too. (I took it from a FUDCon Panama poster)

      I’ll make the suggested/required modifications and share it with you on blog/list/mail. Once we decide the best one out of all, we can send for prints 🙂

  3. 1) Hmm, I hadn’t seen that version of the FUDcon Milan logo and hadn’t approved it. Sigh. It doesn’t seem fair that should fly and yours not. Let me look into that one and see if it can’t be changed.

    2) Yes, I apologize for this, the logo guidelines for the FUDcon logo should be up on the wiki already and they are not. Since I left you feedback I have been working on finalizing and posting them. (

    3) +1

    4,5) Yep, I think maybe these kind of guidelines, which are general to any event poster, could be a good new howto for the design team. ( So I will try to write them up there too 🙂

    6) Cool, sounds good

    7) Okay awesome 🙂

    Overall, great. I’m glad you have such an awesome attitude about this, and I am very very sorry that our documentation for such types of designs is so poor. I would like to use this as an opportunity to improve our guidelines; thank you very much for providing that opportunity!

  4. In fact I’d be happy to help you frame some HOWTO for this stuff if its ok. Just a couple of more questions.

    1) Do I need to change ‘fudcon’ colours in poster as well?
    2) Is it mandatory to write the location as the City name or can i write City,Country or just Country?

  5. hey,

    I am not a designer but from a user’s perspective, it would be nice to mention it somewhere about what FUDCon stands for, maybe the full form for FUDCon. We want this to reach everywhere. As fedora contributors we know what FUDCon is but other might not know.

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