Day 2

It seems that my blog (or rather my biological clock) is having an inbuilt latency as day 3 at is now halfway through and my post is still on Day 2. Things are not yet in a publishable state so I may have to wait till late in the night to put it up on the blog I suppose! The second day was actually a big day – The day of Fedora 🙂 It was a Miniconf as the guys here intend to put it, but surely our intentions were beyond just a mini thing and as I gauged by the audience response, we made it quite well.

Need I say anything more? Having already two talks for the main conference and quite a few more for the Miniconf in the pipeline ensured that there was a controlled release of a drug called Fedora to the attendees.

The Talks

The Fedora 2010 Wiki Lists all the talks given (The presentations are linked there too). The content is already described there so I shall proceed to describe how these were delivered.

  • Amit – Serious, to the point, loaded with info
  • Aditya – Was flowing in the flow
  • Arun – Awesomely delivered, complete with sort of a mini-war between emacs and vim 🙂 (emacs won, however, I use neither)
  • Shreyank – Short and Sweet
  • Suchakra – Crappy! (I really don’t know how I fared, that’s for the others to tell)
  • Neependra – Demonstrated well, but mostly went above my head.


We already had a deluge attendees and the swag got over so very soon. Lots of media was distributed and queries solved personally. I loved it so much when a professor came up to me and indicated that they were giving up on proprietary tools for Electronics/Embedded education in their college and shall be aiming at FEL instead. I know its tough for most of (the hardcore hackers in) you to relate to the joy that I get when someone talks about FOSS technologies in Embedded/Electronics to me 😉 We shall be surely seeing new faces and names in the Fedora India mailing list for sure.

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