Day 1

15th -17th Dec 2010

So at last I have settled on scavenging Rahul’s as well as Shreyank’s Blogs to recollect what all I went through at, which indeed happens to be my first and the maybe the last (I refuse to believe the organizers still). However, just for the records too, pretty much all of the opinions are my own here.

Arrival [Greetings from Fedora]

My actual arrival was a day before the show began and there was pretty much no excitement in my veins as I anticipated. However on 15th, I somehow scurried my way to the venue, through the jammed Bangalore streets at peak hours (was almost on time) and was greeted by a long queue of the guys waiting for their conference badges. The arrangement was quite smooth. However, my other Fedora mates were already in the hall and I managed to reach them too. I actually met Rahul and Co (Amit, Shreyank, Arun SAG, Aditya, Siddharth) for the first time. We already have had our conversations on the net as mates so it was a quick intro and we were in business in no time 🙂 Salem and Neependra are exceptions as I had a chance to meet them on multiple occasions owing to our similar interests in Linux on embedded devices too.


There could not have been a keynote speech for an event better than the one given by Danese Cooper on Wikipedia technologies. She surely talks like a CTO and knows what she’s talking about. It was just an apt beginning for such a nice event. I soon found myself partly taking care of the minimalistic booth (it became more presentable eventually on Day 2) and partly attending the talks after the lunch.

The Talks

I had already sorted out which talks were to be attended surely and which were in buffer. But the plan sort of changed in motion. I had planned on Anil Kumar’s talk on Hardware Design for Software Hackers but got attracted to MeeGo Miniconf somehow. The MeeGo guys were good and showed a quick demo of the Netbook/Mobile development strategy which was just similar to th one followed with Android minus the Java/Eclipse, but efficient though. I’d surely love a more feature-rich, customizable and a powerful Meego for my ARM boards. Maybe if I get interested too much then I may think about porting it to Hawkboard too. The MeeGo ate too much of time and was a hands-on in a small fashion. We got a pendrive (with Meego toolchain/SDK etc (It was sad they didn’t include packages for Fedora) and a tee for our genuine effort (I’m smiling, maybe you are too)

And Something More

The last talk of the day was Rahul’s Keynote : ‘Failures of Fedora and what we learnt from it’. He mostly recapped on how Fedora as a open community developed and what changes were made – good and he bad. We had to have a Wikileaks video next but the Fedora Team seemed restless with an empty stomach which only I suppose 4 pitchers of draft beer and lots and lots of food at dinner could fill up. Oh yes, we were 15 in all and had a hell of a time discussing things from Metallica/Floyd to developing strategies for bringing the Ubuntu empire down 🙂


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